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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Climate Change How Skewed Are We… Really? An Introduction

Climate Change content curation, commentary and a soupcon of comedy

Hello there, thanks for clicking the start button and your interest in our channel about Climate Change:

I am the Peter in the PS half of the equation, Spencer, my 8 year old son, would be the S.

 We are in the process of building out a website and social media channels to bring more awareness to people who might be slightly skewed towards believing that Climate Change is not a clear and present danger, or what the Pentagon, that bastion of left learning principles, calls an urgent and growing threat to America's national security and also blames Climate Change for increased natural disasters that will require more American troops designated to combat bad weather.

 My son’s generation is about to inherit a world which will see an increase in frequency of extreme weather like Hurricanes Sandy or Katrina, or the recent Louisiana and Virginia Flooding, the wildfires in California and closer to our home the Fort McMurray Wildfire which drove more than 80,000 folks from their homes, some of whom had no home to go back to.

 So based on this evidence and what most climate Scientist have been saying for decades I, excuse me, WE, felt moved to do something to help bring greater awareness in our little corner of the Internet and hopefully move the needle towards reducing our collective carbon footprint to help mitigate the effects of Climate Change

 Climate Change is not a new phenomenon, in fact it has been happening all the time. However, it has throughout history had dire consequences, laying waste to nearly all species on the planet, Google the Great Permian to get a flavour of what might be in our not too distant future.

 So what can you expect from Climate Change:How Skewed Are We… Really?

 Our Website is designed to be a comprehensive overview of Climate Change from a variety of sources from around the web, coupled with our own opinions and content on the subject, starting with our first title "Kiribati and the Land of the Polar Bears"

 We also have a purely unscientific survey which you can participate in if the mood strikes, either by filling out an online questionnaire or maybe if you are truly inspired you can send us your video answers which we’ll put together with Spencer’s questions to make for a more compelling Q&A video. You can find the links to both below.

 Other special features will be added as they arise, time permitting, including a regular Climate Change Round up featuring news and views from around the web. Hopefully, you will find our channel worthy of subscribing, sharing and liking and maybe even commenting, nice ones only please my son is only 8.

This will help spread the word further and wider. So enough from me let’s get to the real star of the show, thanks for listening and as Al Pacino would say... "say hallo to my little friend"

 Hello my fellow youtubians. Spencer here talkin at ya This Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys is all about Climate Change.

I am, along with my Dad, shouting about this because I want a planet to live on past 2050, and the way we’re going its gonna be touch and go and a huge challenge.

 So Welcome to Climate Change: How Skewed Are We… Really?

Where I’ll be asking some questions providing some answers and getting your take on the precarious situation we seem to be in. Here you will find our own unique vids along with a collection of other vids on the subject for your edification. Check out our playlists below. My Dad has diligently been gathering these vids from around the web since 2014.

There’s something for everyone and maybe even for the Climate Change Deniers. There’s a dwindling number of zombie disbelievers out there who still think this is bogus! psst can you say feckless fossil fools?

 Moreover, check out our humble efforts that are designed to pull at your heart strings, garner sympathy and most definitely to get your butt in gear to help effect the change we need to head this off at the pass.

 My friends and I are counting on all you adults to do the right thing!

The Ice Is Melting People!!

 Oh and If ya don’t my cohort aren’t gonna look after you in your old age! Capeesh!!!

 Oh and if you have a mind please subscribe and feel free to like it’ll give me the impetus to do greater things, not to mention getting an Aplus in my media and environmental studies classes.

I thank you in advance my youtubites see ya next time


But in the mean time let’s get serious!!!

Climate Change How Skewed Are We… Really? 

Friday, 9 September 2016

The Climate Group Business & Climate Summit 2016 Quad Shot

The °Climate Group is an independent international non-profit organization. Our goal is to help government and business set the world economy on the path to a low-carbon, prosperous future. To reach this goal, we've created a coalition of governments and the world's most influential businesses, all committed to tackling climate change. Through this coalition, we're helping to set the targets, create the policies, build the confidence, and generate the political willpower needed to make the changes the world requires by 2050.
Bold New Climate Policy In Canada’s Oil SandsClimate Policy in a post Paris World
Andy Ridley, CEO, Circle Economy Felipe Calderón: Remove fossil fuel subsidies right now

Friday, 2 September 2016

James Balog Double Shot Ted Talk from 2009 Nat Geoc Special Extreme Ice Full Documentary

James Balog combines art and science to explore a changing planet and inspire transformative social action today.
Marrying still photographs, video, and film with the written word and other media, we hope that our work is an antidote to natural amnesia. We preserve a visual record of fast-changing landscapes and critically endangered animals and plants and then disseminate this record to the global public using all available forums, including the Internet, electronic and print media, public presentations, and educational resources created for classrooms 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I Care Quad Shot from Years of Living Dangerously Season 1. Season 2 coming soon

Mark October 30 2016 on your calendar Years of Living Dangerously Season 2 is coming
Why I Care — Michael C. Hall
Why I Care — Matt Damon
Why I Care — Sigourney Weaver
Why I Care — Don Cheadle Best Sellers Climate Change

Lord Nicholas Stern

Today’s young people can and should hold their parents’ generation to account for their present actions. They can elicit an emotional response that can motivate action. If thinking about the lives of unborn future generations seems too abstract to motivate you to act, try instead looking a young child or grandchild in the eye and asking yourself what sort of future you are leaving for them. There is something that, on reflection, many adults would surely find repugnant in the idea that they will leave their children a damaged planet that will radically affect their life possibilities. Lord Nicholas Stern

Kiribati President Anote Tong

"…I remember I had been trying to convince him to visit Kiribati and he did in 2011. He came to Kiribati and I remember he went to visit one of these communities that was flooded every time there is very high tides and there was this young boy who stepped up to the Secretary General and said Mr. Secretary General, you are a very important man you know, is there something that you can do to ensure I will have a future, that I will have a home. And the Secretary General came back and he said Mr. President I have been listening to you at the General Assembly but I never truly understood what it was you trying to communicate but now I do and I feel and I understand I would do everything that I can”