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Monday, 26 December 2016

Climate Change RoundUp for the week ending Dec 24 2016

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Climate Change RoundUp for the Week Ending 2016-12-17

week Ending 2016/12/17LINKS
10With Tillerson in the news more details about ExxonInside Exxon's Great Climate Cover-Up: From Early Climate Change Researcher to Epic Climate Denier
9Anthony"I AM NOT A SCIENTIST"Scaramucci (that old chesnut) gives an opinion anywaysClimate Change akin to Flat Earth Theory and wants to name names in the climate change game
8Govenor MoonBeam will enter the space race if Trump make NASA go darkGov. Jerry Brown lashes out against Trump on climate change
7Leslie Field, Consulting Professor, Jonathon KoomyStanford Seminar: Engineering and Climate Change: Call to Action
6Threatened Island States stories The MaldivesMaamendhoo - MaBassaa
5The Carbon Tracker initiative (CTI) is a non-profit financial think tank working to align the capital markets with the climate change policy agenda.The future of investing
4military experts on the effects of climate change on global security issuesStephen Cheney and Munir Muniruzzaman on climate change and security
3Michael Mann on the panel. Have you seen his new book? THE MADHOUSE EFFECTLightning Round: Is Climate Denial Destroying Our Planet?
2Mr Charming is at it againJustin Trudeau interview on climate change, the economy and Canada's future
1And now a double shot from that environemtal company Goldman Sachs

WTF?!?! that's got to be a typo...
3 Drivers of the Low Carbon Economy: Goldman Sachs' Kyung-Ah Park &
The Solar Story: Goldman Sachs' Brian Lee

Climate Change RoundUp for the Week Ending 2016-12-10

week Ending 2016/12/10LINKS
10Factcheck: Newspaper claim about global temperature is ‘deeply misleading’Recently, journalist David Rose published a deeply misleading article claiming, “Global average temperatures over land have plummeted by more than 1C”.
9UK Companies Bankrolling Tar Sands Pipeline Giant Kinder Morgannew analysis reveals. that HSBC, Barclays, and Aviva all have significant financial stakes in the company behind a controversial tar sands oil pipeline approved by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week
8Sea Ice hits record lowAverage Arctic sea ice extent for November set a record low, reflecting unusually high air temperatures, winds from the south, and a warm ocean.
7The Perfect Tide: Sea Level and the Future of South FloridaA reprot fro Independent videographer Peter Sinclair
6Trump and Pruitt Will Make America Gasp Againwhen bad air days make a comeback, we’ll know exactly whom to blame.
5Clean Energy ‘Moving Forward’ Despite Trump’s E.P.A. Pick, Experts SayTrump’s choice of a fossil-fuel advocate and climate-change denier to head the Environmental Protection Agency comes at a moment when the American energy market has already shifted away from the most polluting fossil fuels, driven more by investors and economics than by federal regulations.
4Donald Trump Warms UpTrump turned around and named Scott Pruitt, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency after meeting with Al Gore,
3No New but newsworthy. America's Dangerous PipelinesAn analysis of oil and gas pipeline safety in the United States reveals a troubling history of spills, contamination, injuries and deaths.
2North Dakota’s Oil Spill Record: 85 Pipeline Accidents in 20 YearsA new study finds that Standing Rock protesters’ concerns about the DAPL pipeline are well founded.
1Climate Leadership Plan: A made-in-Alberta approach for a new eraAlberta’s climate plan starts January 1 and includes energy efficiency grants, a more diverse economy, new jobs & rebates to help Albertans adjust to the new price on carbon Best Sellers Climate Change

Lord Nicholas Stern

Today’s young people can and should hold their parents’ generation to account for their present actions. They can elicit an emotional response that can motivate action. If thinking about the lives of unborn future generations seems too abstract to motivate you to act, try instead looking a young child or grandchild in the eye and asking yourself what sort of future you are leaving for them. There is something that, on reflection, many adults would surely find repugnant in the idea that they will leave their children a damaged planet that will radically affect their life possibilities. Lord Nicholas Stern

Kiribati President Anote Tong

"…I remember I had been trying to convince him to visit Kiribati and he did in 2011. He came to Kiribati and I remember he went to visit one of these communities that was flooded every time there is very high tides and there was this young boy who stepped up to the Secretary General and said Mr. Secretary General, you are a very important man you know, is there something that you can do to ensure I will have a future, that I will have a home. And the Secretary General came back and he said Mr. President I have been listening to you at the General Assembly but I never truly understood what it was you trying to communicate but now I do and I feel and I understand I would do everything that I can”