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Monday, 16 January 2017

Climate Change RoundUp week ending January 14, 2017

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Climate Change RoundUp 1/14/2016 15 videos
P S Watkins
01 Food system problems are worsening with climate change: Highlight from The Future of Food

02 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health" 02:52

03 Will Climate Change Reality Make Republicans Wake Up???04:03

CBC Double Shot
04 Climate change could bring more deep freeze to Europe
05 How our local weather affects attitudes to climate change 02:01

06 Elon Musk urges us to take action about Climate Change 02:26

Tillerson Double Shot
07 Tim Kaine Grills Rex Tillerson on Climate Change Policy at Exxon Mobil 01:17
08 Rex Tillerson: 'Risk Of Climate Change Does Exist'" "03:35

09 Carbon farming could fight climate change and produce more crops 04:02

10 Could corals become the next climate-change refugees? 05:45

Pompeo Double Shot
11 Sen. Kamala Harris questions Pompeo on climate change, pt. I 00:57
12 Sen. Kamala Harris questions Pompeo on climate change, part II 02:31

13 Addressing threats of a changing climate - Governor's Weekly Message 01:56

 14 Secretary Kerry's Address on Climate Change at MIT 46:32

15 NASA Hangout: Wildfire and Climate Change 57:53

Monday, 9 January 2017

Climate Change RoundUp Week Ending January 7, 2017

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Climate Change RoundUp 01/07/2016
P S Watkins
10 Ontario Gov Double Shot
Save the Ski Days 00:30
Save the Pizza 00:30

09 Retreating mountain glaciers are 'categorical evidence' of climate change by UW(University of Washington) 01:03

08 TRT World Double Shot
Climate change all over the worldby 01:35
Melting glaciers threaten Peru amid climate change summit 01:48

07 Significantus: A Keyboard Conversation about Climate Change, SOAS University of London by SOAS University of London 02:16

06 Sailing for 16 years & spreading awareness for climate change by Sailing Social soSAILize 02:23
05 Cute Couple Geek Out Over Architecture & Climate Change First Dates Hotelby Channel 4 03:45
04 Technology & Operations Management: Climate Change Challengeby Harvard Business School 05:04

03 Paul Beckwith Double Shot
Evil Twin of Climate Change; Ocean Acidification: Part 1 of 2 14:59
Climate Change: A Matter of Life or Death; Part 2 of 2 13:54

02 Stanford Seminar: Carbon Sequestration 1:15:12

01 Charting Irreversible Climate Change with Jason-3by NASA Video Collection 01:10:33

Monday, 2 January 2017

Climate Change RoundUp for the week ending December 31, 2016

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Climate Change RoundUp 12/31/2016
10 videos P S Watkins

10 How a Resort Town Became an Abandoned Toxic Wastelandby Smithsonian Channel 02:12
9 Adam Ruins Everything - Climate Change is Already Happening. Now what?by truTV 02:24
8 Steven Chu Shares Some Sobering Climate Change Mathby Commonwealth Club 02:04
7 Climate change letter sent to President-elect Donald Trumpby WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida 02:07
6 Response to "The Global Warming Hoax Lord Monckton & Stefan Molyneux"by potholer54 19:36 5 Wisconsin Republicans Delete Phrase “Climate Change” From State Websiteby The Ring of Fire 05:04
4 Scientists Scramble to Protect Decades of Climate Research Before Trump Takes Officeby Democracy Now! 06:21
3 Arctic continues to get warmer, report saysby CBC News 01:08
2 Climate Change Futureby WGBH News 11:00
1 The Heat—China: Climate Change Leader 12/29/2016by CCTV English 28:40:00 Best Sellers Climate Change

Lord Nicholas Stern

Today’s young people can and should hold their parents’ generation to account for their present actions. They can elicit an emotional response that can motivate action. If thinking about the lives of unborn future generations seems too abstract to motivate you to act, try instead looking a young child or grandchild in the eye and asking yourself what sort of future you are leaving for them. There is something that, on reflection, many adults would surely find repugnant in the idea that they will leave their children a damaged planet that will radically affect their life possibilities. Lord Nicholas Stern

Kiribati President Anote Tong

"…I remember I had been trying to convince him to visit Kiribati and he did in 2011. He came to Kiribati and I remember he went to visit one of these communities that was flooded every time there is very high tides and there was this young boy who stepped up to the Secretary General and said Mr. Secretary General, you are a very important man you know, is there something that you can do to ensure I will have a future, that I will have a home. And the Secretary General came back and he said Mr. President I have been listening to you at the General Assembly but I never truly understood what it was you trying to communicate but now I do and I feel and I understand I would do everything that I can”